PFS Huntress

Internal Layout:

Deck 0: “The Darkroom”
The topmost deck of the ship contains the special operations situation room. It is located directly under the exterior pressure hull, earning the nickname “the loft” from the fitting yard workers.

Deck 1: Command Deck
The command deck is comprised of the ship’s bridge, Combat Information Center (CIC), Research and Tech Labs, Briefing/Communications Room and main airlock. The Captain’s cabin is also located just off the CIC.

Deck 2: Crew’s Quarters
This is is where the crew spends most of their downtime. It contains the medical bay, officer and crew sleeping quarters, kitchen, recreation area, life support, bathrooms, gym and the main battery. A special addition is the combat simulator room dubbed “the range” by the marines.

Deck 3: Engineering
The engineering deck contains the ship’s fusion plant and Tantalus drive core. Four VI controlled Turian fighters are docked in the space between the interior pressure hulls and exterior armor on the port and starboard side of this deck.

Deck 4: Hanger and Cargo Bay
This deck contains the armory, cargo hold, and two A-61Mantis gunships, in addition to engineer Askvig’s shuttle. Equipment from various retailers can also be purchased here via the procurement terminal. A weapon modification bench and armor locker are also available here to modify equipped weapons and armor respectively.

PFS Huntress

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