Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Galactic News Network Headlines
The Council responds to Geth sneak attack

One month after the events that are now being called the Battle of the Citadel, the new council has laid out a plan to quickly neutralize the Geth terrorist threat. Councilor Donnel Udina released a statement saying “Commander Shepard has shown us the way forward. We need to deal quickly and decisively with anyone that threatens galactic peace.”

The new commander of the Citadel Fleet, Earth Alliance Admiral Anderson stated that a full scale invasion of Geth space is not currently possible due to the heavy damage sustained during the surprise attack both by the fleet and on the Citadel itself but “that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and give them a second chance.”

Sources have confirmed that Commander Shepard, the first Human Spectre, has already been reassigned to hunting down the Geth terrorists and rumors are circulating that the Council may be mobilizing other Spectres and special forces troops. While the council races have pulled additional ships to protect the Citadel, colonists in the Attican Traverse have already accused the government of abandoning them to possible attack from Terminus system pirates.

C-Sec busts Smugglers
Mercenaries delay Citadel repairs

C-Sec was alerted by some quick thinking citizens when repair team delays were discovered to be caused by a hidden smuggling network operating in the environmental control sectors. While officers would not comment on the arrests, rumors are circulating that the mercenaries arrested may be linked to the recent Geth attack.

Commander Shepard MIA, presumed dead!
Normandy reported destroyed, crew missing

The Alliance is expected to release a press statement regarding the ongoing rumors that the SSV Normandy was destroyed by Geth forces while operating in the Omega Nebula. An unnamed source inside the Alliance had reported that a ship of unknown origin attacked the Normandy, destroying the ship and killing most of the crew, including Commander Shepard, the first human Spectre. Earth Councilor Udina has not commented on the incident as of this time.

Special Ops team removes pirate threat

Thanks to a Citadel Special Forces team, a gang of pirates operating out the the Armstrong Nebula has been removed. While details of the operation remain classified, Fleet Admiral Anderson revealed that the team was successfully able to disrupt the pirates operations and track them back to their base, eliminating several privateer vessels.

“This is exactly the kind of mission these teams were created for.” said Councilor Donnel Udina. “While we need to focus on rebuilding the fleet, you can rest assured that we consider the safety of all our citizens of the utmost importance.”

The Council had ordered the creation of a number of special teams to patrol the Attican Traverse earlier this month in response to complains that several fleets formerly stationed in the Traverse had been reassigned to the Citadel following the Geth sneak attack.

Batarians sue Citadel Council

A batarian group has apparently decided to sue the Citadel Council. They claim that the crackdown on the galactic slave trade is a violation of their culture. The lawsuit claims that slaves are a crucial part of the batarian caste society. It is unknown if the suit will affect the upcoming peace treaty negotiations between the Council and Khar’shan.

You have a new email
Subject: Valuable Information

Source: Unknown, tracking program [ERROR]
Message: Attention Nakmor Kretar, as a courtesy I offer the following wisdom:
The black market price of Krogan testicles is at an all time high. Do not interfere with my operations again. I will profit one way or another.

-The Shadow Broker

Shore Leave

The Huntress docked on Caleston in order to repair the damage done from the pirate attack from the previous session. While Tobias Askvig stays behind to direct the repairs, the rest of the team is granted a 48 hour pass.

Promptly heading to the nearest bar, the team encounters a miner named Lee who asks them to check on some friends that have gone missing. Asharia T’Saeri tries to hustle the locals, only to be find herself on the receiving end of a con! A bar brawl is quickly broken up by the local authorities, and they decide to leave town and check on the mine instead.

After contacting Tobias and fighting some feral Varren the team discovers that the miners ran across an alien artifact that dates back over one million years ago, but the device begins affecting their minds as it has turned the miners into mindless creatures. The group decides to detonate explosives burying the device and place a quarantine on the mine.

Tobias muses that there might be other similar artifacts somewhere out in the galaxy…

Cloak and Daggers

D’artin received an urgent message from his homework of Sur’Kesh; a rogue STG team led by an agent known as “Kraten the Brute” had been spotted on Caleston and the team was given orders to take them down. D’artin was given a secret mission to destroy certain data that this rogue group carried as well.

After doing some investigative legwork they found a data crystal, which caused a good deal of argument when D’artin destroyed it before anyone else could check the contents! However they still managed to locate the STG team and talk to them before opening fire. It turned out the data showed that the Lystheni have infiltrated the Salarian government…

Email for D'artin Telav

From: Captain Kirrahe

It was a pleasure seeing you again, even if the circumstances were less than ideal. The information you recovered has disturbing implications to say the least. I have forwarded the data on to a trusted friend, a Spectre named Jondum Bau. Hopefully together you can get to the bottom of this.

Hold the line,
Captain Kirrahe
3rd Infiltration Regiment
Special Tasks Group

The Clinic Job
Mass Effect meets Leverage

Tracking down the Lystheni agents led to a plastic surgery/spa/medical clinic on Illium for the rich and famous. With the help of a Spectre, the team decided to infiltrate the place, with Ronin pretending to be a hot new music star in treatment, the rest of the team creating cover stories as his entourage.

Everything was going well until they ran into an old enemy. Jack Haliat, a pirate that the team had fought before was at the clinic after getting more illegal cybernetic mods and a new face after the team had wiped out his base. Not knowing who he was the team confronted him, leading to a shootout at the clinic followed by a high speed chase through rush hour traffic.

Between Tobias’ insane driving skills and Ronin doing some crazy stunts with his biotic charge they managed to capture Jack and some of his gang. Interrogations afterward added more clues to the Lystheni plot, with Asharia and D’artin choosing to go undercover in order to hunt the agents and protect the rest of the team from the price on D’artin’s head.

The chase at the end of the session reminded me of this video:


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