Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Commander Shepard MIA, presumed dead!
Normandy reported destroyed, crew missing

The Alliance is expected to release a press statement regarding the ongoing rumors that the SSV Normandy was destroyed by Geth forces while operating in the Omega Nebula. An unnamed source inside the Alliance had reported that a ship of unknown origin attacked the Normandy, destroying the ship and killing most of the crew, including Commander Shepard, the first human Spectre. Earth Councilor Udina has not commented on the incident as of this time.

C-Sec busts Smugglers
Mercenaries delay Citadel repairs

C-Sec was alerted by some quick thinking citizens when repair team delays were discovered to be caused by a hidden smuggling network operating in the environmental control sectors. While officers would not comment on the arrests, rumors are circulating that the mercenaries arrested may be linked to the recent Geth attack.

Galactic News Network Headlines
The Council responds to Geth sneak attack

One month after the events that are now being called the Battle of the Citadel, the new council has laid out a plan to quickly neutralize the Geth terrorist threat. Councilor Donnel Udina released a statement saying “Commander Shepard has shown us the way forward. We need to deal quickly and decisively with anyone that threatens galactic peace.”

The new commander of the Citadel Fleet, Earth Alliance Admiral Anderson stated that a full scale invasion of Geth space is not currently possible due to the heavy damage sustained during the surprise attack both by the fleet and on the Citadel itself but “that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and give them a second chance.”

Sources have confirmed that Commander Shepard, the first Human Spectre, has already been reassigned to hunting down the Geth terrorists and rumors are circulating that the Council may be mobilizing other Spectres and special forces troops. While the council races have pulled additional ships to protect the Citadel, colonists in the Attican Traverse have already accused the government of abandoning them to possible attack from Terminus system pirates.


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