Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Welcome to Omega

The group arrives on Omega, where it turns out Myrraeme Kinesia is in hot water with an old flame, Aria. After some quick talking they are able to arrange a deal: locate a missing artist that Aria had hired in exchange for their skins. After tracking down a number of unsavory characters they finally find the him imprisoned by the Blue Suns and about to be sold off into slavery.

One clever plan later Xavier Lewis has managed to gain control of the BLue Sun’s computer system after planting a virus then showing up as the tech support guy (watching all those episodes of Leverage are paying off for that player!) and he has control of their YMIR mechs just in time for the team to infiltrate the base and rescue the prisoners.

Just then the Collectors show up to claim their merchandise, and the team beats a hasty retreat leaving the YMIRs to deal with the Collectors. Aria is happy, and the team gained much needed funds to upgrade their gear.



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