Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Treasure Planet

Tobias gets a call from Astrid, the sister of his deceased girlfriend Heidi. It turns out Heidi had placed a claim on an asteroid right before her death, along with a message claiming she had “struck it rich.” In an ezeo rich system like Caleston that usually means only one thing. However, Eldfell-Ashland Energy (EAE) has been using the Blood Pack to intimidate independent miners out of their claims. The EAE agent, a volus named Lamdu Nam tries to buy her claim but Tobias and the group smell a rat.

The group, plus Astrid and an old buddy of Tobias with a transport ship head out to the asteroid, only to get jumped by Blood Pack vorcha! The group makes plenty of trouble using the various dangerous tools on the mining rig, but after the Krogan capture their friends they are forced to surrender and are take to the EAE processing station.

Lamdu is furious, EAE checked the asteroid and found nothing, so where was Heidi hiding her treasure? He throws them in the brig hoping to break their spirits. However, Tobias left his combat drone behind (powered down to appear broken) which then breaks them out and brings the one weapon it could carry, Heidi’s ancient chemical propelled slug thrower that was hidden in her spacer pack.

The group is surprised to find that instead of a Colt .45 there is an alien handgun of unknown origins that melts metal like hot butter. They then wreak havoc on the station before grabbing Lamdu and taking a shuttle straight to the authorities. Unfortunately the wily volus expected this and called the cops first, reporting the damage to the station as a terrorist act. While the EAE lawyers get him out on bail, the group is in hot water despite Tobia’s personal relationship with the police captain.

After some investigations at the claims office, they find the answer, a rogue comet passed close to Heidi’s asteroid right before she went missing. With the police captain in tow, the team intercepts the comet and finds an alien device probably worth a fortune. It appears that the asteroid belt in Caleston was once the homeworld of a spacefaring race!

But Lamdu is still one step ahead, jumping out the the storage compartment! The group is able to take him down without getting shot, just as the Huntress appears. It seems the Blood Pack had a ship heading to their location, but they won’t be able to make it with their engines shot out. EAE throws Lamdu under the bus rather than risk being sued, and Tobias wrings a confession out of him for creating the “accident” that claimed Heidi’s life, bringing some closure to her family.



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