Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

The Clinic Job

Mass Effect meets Leverage

Tracking down the Lystheni agents led to a plastic surgery/spa/medical clinic on Illium for the rich and famous. With the help of a Spectre, the team decided to infiltrate the place, with Ronin pretending to be a hot new music star in treatment, the rest of the team creating cover stories as his entourage.

Everything was going well until they ran into an old enemy. Jack Haliat, a pirate that the team had fought before was at the clinic after getting more illegal cybernetic mods and a new face after the team had wiped out his base. Not knowing who he was the team confronted him, leading to a shootout at the clinic followed by a high speed chase through rush hour traffic.

Between Tobias’ insane driving skills and Ronin doing some crazy stunts with his biotic charge they managed to capture Jack and some of his gang. Interrogations afterward added more clues to the Lystheni plot, with Asharia and D’artin choosing to go undercover in order to hunt the agents and protect the rest of the team from the price on D’artin’s head.

The chase at the end of the session reminded me of this video:



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