Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Special Ops team removes pirate threat

Thanks to a Citadel Special Forces team, a gang of pirates operating out the the Armstrong Nebula has been removed. While details of the operation remain classified, Fleet Admiral Anderson revealed that the team was successfully able to disrupt the pirates operations and track them back to their base, eliminating several privateer vessels.

“This is exactly the kind of mission these teams were created for.” said Councilor Donnel Udina. “While we need to focus on rebuilding the fleet, you can rest assured that we consider the safety of all our citizens of the utmost importance.”

The Council had ordered the creation of a number of special teams to patrol the Attican Traverse earlier this month in response to complains that several fleets formerly stationed in the Traverse had been reassigned to the Citadel following the Geth sneak attack.



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