Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Shore Leave

The Huntress docked on Caleston in order to repair the damage done from the pirate attack from the previous session. While Tobias Askvig stays behind to direct the repairs, the rest of the team is granted a 48 hour pass.

Promptly heading to the nearest bar, the team encounters a miner named Lee who asks them to check on some friends that have gone missing. Asharia T’Saeri tries to hustle the locals, only to be find herself on the receiving end of a con! A bar brawl is quickly broken up by the local authorities, and they decide to leave town and check on the mine instead.

After contacting Tobias and fighting some feral Varren the team discovers that the miners ran across an alien artifact that dates back over one million years ago, but the device begins affecting their minds as it has turned the miners into mindless creatures. The group decides to detonate explosives burying the device and place a quarantine on the mine.

Tobias muses that there might be other similar artifacts somewhere out in the galaxy…



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