Mass Effect: Cortex Plus

Redemption Revealed

While hanging out at the Afterlife, Xavier Lewis is contacted by an old associate, Miranda Lawson, to assist her in retrieving the body of a certain deceased Alliance hero. Due to working with Xavier in the past and the team’s recent clash with the Blue Suns who have the person in question she figured they would be interested.

Unfortunately the team arrives moments too late to prevent the Blue Suns from handing the stasis pod over to the Shadow Broker’s agent. They dispatch the mercenaries without too much trouble but encounter someone else looking for the body, Dr. Liara T’Soni. After some discussion, Miranda and her employer agrees to help Liara.

However the Blue Suns are now hot on the trail as Liara makes a run to the Mass Relay, which leads the team into a heated space battle gunning down Blue Sun fighters. With the exception of one wily old ace the fighters are easily dispatched, with the ace falling to the combined firepower of the team’s corvette and Miranda’s cutter.



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