10/8 The last couple of games have included several cannon characters. For a setting like this I usually try to avoid this kind of name dropping, but the younger players do get a kick out of being able to interact with some of their favorite characters. Overall I think the ME universe is big enough to have all the adventure you ever wanted without the need to run into Shepard and Company if you don’t want to. On a more personal note the stress level at work has really ramped up lately so the game will be slowing down some, and may take a hiatus for a bit to let the other guys in our group GM or perhaps run something a bit easier to work on. The downside of a homebrew game is that you have to create everything from scratch which just takes more time.

Adventure log updated. A pair of players (married couple) are going out of country for several weeks, so I felt pretty pleased that I managed to work something for their characters into the plot. The last few sessions have been great fun, with combat taking a back seat to creative thinking, role play and detective work.

5/27 Game in progress. Updating as necessary.

4/13 Character creation completed. Need to simplify the relationship creation process.

4/7 Character Creation in progress. System ready for testing. May add modifications once the Firefly Cortex game is released.

3/27 Campaign/Cortex system hack is live. Playtesting to begin.

Core system finished. Working on pathways, powers and gear.

DEVLOG: 1/29

Finalizing what I want out of this system. Almost all ME game conversions I find are overly complex in parts that don’t matter (37 page equipment list for a FATE hack, really?) and ignore the fun parts of the game I would like to include like the power combos of ME3. Using ME2 as the basis for equipment, KISS. I hate the level I-X weapons and gear. It kinda made sense in ME1 cause it was using the KOTOR engine, but in 3 there was no excuse.

Mass Effect: Cortex Plus